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6002909 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $159,000
6002892 4.16 acres in Grand Mara $69,900
6002884 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $164,000
6002885 Grand Marais Traditional $169,000
6002905 5 acres on McFarland Lak $179,500
6002881 Lutsen Condo/Townhouse $115,000
1299573 23.44 acres in Lutsen $224,999
6002861 Grand Marais Traditional $114,900
6002859 Traditional on Birch Lak $297,500
6002868 Traditional on Tait Lake $349,000
6002855 Grand Marais Rustic Cabi $75,000
6002839 115.93 acres in Hovland $84,900
1296282 Hovland Home $227,900
6002837 Schroeder Traditional $169,000
1296137 Grand Marais Home $995,000
6002838 Lutsen Contemporary $399,000
6002820 Hovland Rustic Cabin $49,900
6002841 60.52 acres in Grand Mar $124,900
6002819 Grand Marais Condo/Townh $205,900
6002831 4 acres in Tofte $129,000
6002814 Log on Bearskin Lake $319,000
1294435 Home on Lake $995,000
6002811 Other on Superior $299,000
6002792 Grand Marais Other $274,900
6002795 Traditional on Lake Supe $425,000
6002789 5 acres in Grand Marais $55,000
1293330 Home on Lake $225,000
6002791 1.86 acres on Caribou La $295,000
6002807 Ranch/Rambler on Superio $399,000
6002800 Contemporary on Caribou $334,900
6002781 Grand Marais Traditional $117,000
6002771 Contemporary on Lake Sup $1,930,900
6002766 7.8 acres in Hovland $59,000
6002764 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $189,000
6002767 Grand Marais Other $599,000
6002770 Condo/Townhouse on Super $289,000
6002772 Schroeder Rustic Cabin $99,900
6002804 Lutsen Contemporary $129,000
6002765 41 acres on McFarland La $155,000
6002743 Traditional on Caribou L $450,000
6002801 5 acres in Lutsen $35,000
6002759 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $235,000
6002760 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $215,000
6002761 Condo/Townhouse on Lake $455,000
1291356 Lutsen Home $126,900
6002735 2.34 acres on Kemo Lake $159,900
6002762 Condo/Townhouse on Super $475,000
6002736 Lutsen Traditional $249,000
6002756 5.34 acres on Caribou La $110,000
6002724 Contemporary on Superior $599,900
6002731 Contemporary on Lake Sup $599,900
6002723 92.71 acres in Hovland $79,900


Weather, bugs, gas prices – it all effects our market!
July 07

I have been selling real estate in Cook County since 1989 and we have been through a LOT of fluctuations in the market and economy. When I was a kid, summer was busy and GM shut down during the winter and now our business is usually busy year round with July, August, Sept & Oct […]

Landslide – the story of our lives…….
May 23

My dad was a house flipper way before there was HGTV, or even remote controls!!  Bless my mom because she was the manual labor in their relationship, and she always fixed up the houses.  One time Mom had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights so dad put a sign in the yard and sold the house.  She was […]

Change is good……
May 14

STRESS!!!  This is my first blog posting ever and it is a little intimidating!!!  Go figure, I can talk to anyone about darn near anything and yet public speaking and writing both freak me out.  As many of you know, Coldwell Banker North Shore is a family real estate business that John and Lucie Detrick started in […]

Almost there….
May 08

Well the (ice?) fishing opener is this Saturday, though most of the inland lakes are still frozen this far north. Don’t believe us? Check out this Ice Out Map from the Minnesota DNR. At this point, even the Seagulls are squawking for Spring… Only on the North Shore.

Bald Beauty on Hwy 61..
April 30

Lucky enough to snap a couple photos of this Big Bald Beauty on Highway 61 this morning. They don’t call it a scenic drive for nothing! Check out the photos from perch to takeoff.     Bald Eagles on your way to work…One of the many reasons we LOVE the North Shore!

Only on the North Shore….
April 24

On Tuesday, Spring was in the air. On Thursday, Winter strikes back. Only on the North Shore.  

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