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6004819 Traditional on Pike Lake $390,000
6004820 7.4 acres on Lake Superi $529,000
6004815 Contemporary on McFarlan $252,711
6004821 1.05 acres on Lake Super $238,000
6004814 5.1 acres in Grand Marai $69,900
6004813 5.2 acres in Grand Marai $49,900
6004810 Grand Marais Traditional $489,000
6004809 1.07 acres on Lake Super $329,000
6004797 5 acres in Grand Marais $49,900
6004798 5 acres in Grand Marais $65,000
6004799 5 acres in Grand Marais $45,000
6004801 9.93 acres in Grand Mara $43,900
6004800 6.63 acres in Grand Mara $99,900
6004793 Traditional on Lake Supe $499,900
6004812 5 acres on Devil Track L $79,900
6004780 Schroeder Traditional $309,900
6004777 Commercial Opportunity i $549,000
6004775 Hovland Rustic Cabin $137,500
1402479 Hovland Home $99,500
1402451 Home on Lake Superior $598,000
6004756 13.2 acres in Schroeder $64,900
6004763 Traditional on Caribou L $547,500
6004766 Rustic Cabin on McFarlan $99,500
6004750 Grand Marais Other $159,900
6004740 Hovland Rustic Cabin $79,900
6004737 Bungalow on Lake Superio $359,900
6004734 2.34 acres on Kemo Lake $139,900
6004738 43.61 acres in Hovland $72,900
6004729 Hovland Other $139,900
6004724 Contemporary on Lake Sup $799,000
6004721 Grand Marais Ranch/Rambl $498,500
1402282 Cloquet Home $126,900


Fall Slowdown in Real Estate? Not so fast…..
September 26

It’s officially fall, bringing with it cooler temperatures, changing colors and a presumed end to the “busy summer real estate season.” Contrary to popular belief, the fall real estate market is plenty busy, with buyers and sellers eager to strike a deal before winter sets in. Don’t believe us? Check out this article by Deena […]

Off-Grid Living on the North Shore
August 28

One draw that continually brings people to the north shore is the desire to separate from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Folks make the drive up Highway 61 looking to disconnect and relax with family and friends. The level of disconnection varies from family to family. Some just like to get away to […]

Seller Photos
August 05

Every year our sellers send us great pictures of their property. Here are some of the best from 2015. Enjoy!

A Christmas Story, by Amy Detrick
December 23

My husband loved Christmas. He wouldn’t always show much interest in the yearly Christmas card and letter, the baking, the decorating, or the lists I kept to keep everyone organized and everything fair. But a few days before the actual day, Dean went full force. He would go out shopping, alone, without a list, and […]

Bald Beauty on Hwy 61..
April 30

Lucky enough to snap a couple photos of this Big Bald Beauty on Highway 61 this morning. They don’t call it a scenic drive for nothing! Check out the photos from perch to takeoff.     Bald Eagles on your way to work…One of the many reasons we LOVE the North Shore!

Only on the North Shore….
April 24

On Tuesday, Spring was in the air. On Thursday, Winter strikes back. Only on the North Shore.  

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